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Known for changing the hearts of men about the love for olives, I personally think it is safe to say that these Gordal Olives from Perelló are one of the best olives you’ll ever taste. While they are lovely to nibble on with a glass of wine or a beer, creating a tapenade out of these olives with the lovely Arbequina Olive Oil from Brindisa makes it a true winner as a starter for every dining table. 

Green Olive Tapenade



Step 1) Soap up and wash them hands, and follow up by preparing all your ingredients ready for use. For this recipe you can either use a food processor, a blender, or a hand blender. If you’d like to do it real old school I guess you could even use a mortal and pestle!

Step 2) Add the olives, tiny capers, garlic, and parsley to the food processor. Blend until chopped up well. Don’t forget to scrape the sides and give it another quick blend. If you’d like to add the anchovies, add them to the mixture now as well. If they are added later on in the process, the tapenade won’t have the correct texture. 

Step 3) As you keep blending the olive mixture, slowly start adding the olive oil. A little bit at a time. Continue to add the olive oil until you get a nice paste, just make sure you do not add too much, otherwise it will be too oily. The olive oil is simply used to bind the other ingredients together. It’s better to start of with less than too much!

Step 4) Add the lemon juice and season to taste. Give it another quick whirl in the processor.

Step 5) Either store your tapenade in a jar, or if you’d like to serve it straight away, scoop the tapenade in a pretty bowl served with some toasted sourdough bread or sourdough crackers.

Green Olive Tapenade

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