Weekend Brunch at Leeds

bloody marys / red snappers at friends of ham leeds brunch
We've just upped our brunch game at our Leeds bar with some fantastic cocktail options now being served thanks to Matty and the Underbelly bar team who've created some incredible brunchy drinks including.......
The 🐠Siamese Fighting Fish🐟
We caught this beauty in the pool of our crazy cocktail creations!!! This take on a classic Red Snapper includes a new addition to our backbar, fresh from The Botanic Request. 
We’ve taken this locally produced gin and accentuated the umami and herbaceous qualities by infusing it with 🍄Shiitake mushrooms🍄 and blended it with Gochujang to create a 🌶 spicy, 😮 sour and 🍬sweet party on the palate.
Perfect for that boozy morning brunch and exclusively available on Saturdays in our upstairs bar and underground at Underbelly Leeds. 
Book your Saturday brunch table at Leeds via the Leeds page. 

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